Well, the video that went viral, in which people were hanging on the wheels of a moving plane, holding wings, trying desperately to flee the country like a crowd on a bus, didn’t they know that it was not possible to go that way?
Didn’t those who were falling from the wings of the plane in the middle of the sky know that they would fall one day. And will fall and die?
When the planes crashed into the World Trade Center in 2001, do the people who were jumping out of the windows of the sixties and seventies did not know that their lives could not be saved in this way. Didn’t they knew they have to die after hitting that ground?
They knew, they didn’t know again at the same time. On ground in that particular moment, they knew nothing but the urge to save lives.
The situation in Afghanistan is being discussed with different views, different perspectives. Different theories, arguments, etc. are going on. Watching, listening, reading, trying to understand. But there is only one word in my head ….. “Terror“! And nothing more.
Believe me the situation is not what u think sitting in front of a TV or with a morning cup of tea holding a newspaper in hand, the game has went to far this time

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Samrat Shaw

By Samrat Shaw

Going to roots until I earn enough to plant the same with my effort Poetry is not mine just I act as medium to pass through😁😉😉 Instagram: samrat_8776 Telegram: @samrat_8776

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