The phrase ,”To thine own self be true” is a quotation of Shakespeare by which he wanted to spread the concept of ‘real me ‘ .

People often seek changes in one’s behaviour which sometimes creates problems in finding the ”real me” within ownself . So, growing a perosnality and being truthful to ownself lies the formula of living life gracefully .

It’s a way of saying that nothing at all matters more to how we should act than or own esteem .it says that we should stick to our principles, not assimilate , and that we should do what we believe. It is certainly beautifully phrased and invokes ideas with positive connotations: truth , self ownership and individuality .That phrase appeals to our complacency not to our resilience . Its function is to swell our laziness , not to strike . Our resolve. It’s use is to excuse our disagreements with society , not to froce us to reconcile them with fact . We are all victims , suffering in vain , alone in our wisdom, against an unfair society that condemns iconoclasts.

First, there is our outer authenticity – how well what we say and do matches what is really going on incide us. Second , there is our inner authenticity – how well we actually know ourselves and are aware of our inner states.

No one is fully authentic all of the time in their purer presentation . Sometimes we need to put on an act to get by. But some people spend more time living unauthentically than others . It is unpleasant and damaging to us if we are trapped in jobs or relationships where we rarely get the chance to be ourselves . If we are tarpped , we need to change the situation when we can so that we can be free to express ourselves authentically .

More damaging , however , is when we don’t know ourselves and it out inner authenticity which is compromised .

– How much of time do we feel that we can be real me ?

– Are we easily influenced by other people ?

– Do we always stands up for what we believe in?

– What are the barriers to being ouselves ?

– How well do ee know ourselves ?

We should ask these questions to ourselves to get the onwards.

Our time is limited , so we should not waste  it, living someone else’s life. We should not be trapped by dogma-

Which is living with the results of other people’s thinking . We should not let the noise of other’s opinions drawn out your own inner voice . And most important is , we should have the courage to follow our own heart’s dictates .

  • How do I square the circle of perceived condenmnation ? How do I ignore the majority opinion telling me I must do something . Or be something which is not expedient for me? –  it doesn’t matter what  anyone thinks or what I know is good . This is who I am , and I m just being true to myself . ‘ Life isn’t about finding yourself ; life is about creating yourself.’

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