Our right of interference is limited entirely to giving education. Women must be put in a position to solve their own problems in their own way . No one can or ought to this for them. And our Indian women are capable of doing it as any in the world ” -Swami Vivekananda
Government schemes in India are launched by the government to address the social and economic welfare of the citizen of the nation . This schemes play a crucial role in solving many socio economic problems that beset Indian society and thus their awareness is a must for any concerned citizen.
In India the womens and girls are among the most effected groups. Till now our mentality was that the primary responsibility of a woman was still considered to be unpaid domestic care work . The situation was even grave for girls living in a joint family. They are expected to wake up early do the cleaning, washing , cooking, taking care of elders and then think to go to school. Child marriage or forced marriages are inscreases even of the women are studying in higher educational institutions. After that they would never return to schools or colleges. The new dowry system was creating problems in society. Poor parents do not get any groom who will marry their daughter without taking dowry . They have to take ” Marriage loans “to get their daughter married. Dowry becomes a nightmare for women. The cases of infanticide are increasing . Poor parents do not have any options, they cannot afford to have a girl child and hence they are intentionally killing infant girl . Unequal access to technology has raised many questions and fuel the consequences for women around education and employment.
Like a four leaf clover hard to find and lucky to have a “Girl child”. A good thought in human mind transfers a stone to a precious gem with an extremely happy and prosperous life which shines till life comes to an end. Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme was a small saving scheme under the government of India targeting the parents of any girl child . This scheme focusses on encouraging the parents of the female child for building a fund for their future education and marriage expenses . Also known as Sukanya Samriddhi account , this scheme was launched by Prime minister Narendra Damodar Das Modi as a part of the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign. It was launched on 22nd January 2015 in Panipat , Haryana . This scheme can be opened at any post office or branch of authorized commercial banks in the country .The eligibility criteria for opening an account under this scheme was : 1) Only parents or legal guardians of the girl child can open a Sukanya Samriddhi account in the name of the girl. 2) The girl child should be less than 10 years at the time of account opening which will be operative till the girl reaches the age of 21 years . 3) The initial investment for opening an account was ₹ 250 which can reach a maximum amount of ₹ 150000 annually with further deposits in the multiples of ₹ 100 . 4) There can be only one account per child under the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojna .
“Beti Bachao Beti Padhao ” is a collaborative initiative of the government of India, Ministry of Women And Child Development, Ministry Of Human Resource Development and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare started this scheme . It covers all Indian states and union territories. The scheme has three primary objectives: 1) Prevent female infanticide. 2) Develop new schemes and work collaborately to ensure that every girl child is secured and protected. 3) Ensure every girl child gets a quality education. As per 2011 national census the reduction in the number of female population of certain Indian states continued to descrease . This led to this campaign and it improved by 16 points from 918 ( 2014-15) to 934 ( 2019 -20) as per the Health Management Information System Data . In education sector gross enrollment ratio of girls in the schools at secondary level has improved from 77.45 ( 2014- 15) to 81.32 (2018- 19) as per Unified District Information System for Education provisional data . This initiative under the scheme have started giving fruit as the level of awareness among the people is increasing. It promotes education and create equal value for the girl child through proper implementation of a sustained social mobilization and communication campaign. It focuses and improve the issues of declination in CSR/ SRB in public disclosure which would be an indicator for good governance . It reduces gender biased sex – selective elimination by adopting innovative interventions by the district’s as per their local needs , context and sensibilities. It ensures the services of various schemes and programmes that are sufficiently responsive to the issues of gender and children’s rights .
The best thermometer to the progress of a nation is its treatment of its women unless the condition of the women was improved . If a woman was educated its educates a generation. Woman has the power to make people listen to her , she has the will to share knowledge to others . As a mother , teacher, sibling and grandmother she has numerous reasons to share knowledge with others . To unlock freedom , education was the golden key . Educated women was like a magic multiplier that benefits can be seen throughout generations .

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