India is a developing country. In competition, it is much behind the other developed countries of the west. Being a poor country a very high proportion of its people struggle everyday even for food. So they can’t even think of providing their children with education. Keeping this in mind, our government had opened free schools for everyone. Our government even tried to organise awareness  programmes among common people so as to promote the importance of education and to encourage them for sending their children to schools.

Although our government had succeeded to a large extent in achieving this, but it has been observed that unfortunately the net attendence ratio of girls attending school is very less as compared to boys. Our society, as we all know is a male dominated one. Mostly people in India do not beleive in sending girls to school. However, people of the developed countries have a totally different mindset. They know the importance of girl’s education. A country cannot develop unless and until it’s men and women do not work together.

Now the question is how to achieve it or how to promote girls education? Well, the answer to this question seems to be quiet easy. It seems as if some administration changes needs to be made. Although it seems easy, it involves a very complex process.
               Firstly a law should be made making it mandatory for everyone to send their girls at least to the free school opened by government. Then open awareness programmes should be organised making people aware of the importance of girl’s education. Then should the net attendence ratio be checked.
                                                  Now the next question arises here is what to do in case if government fails to do so? What if these awareness programmes doesn’t influence the mentality of people. The second route appears to be the various social media platforms. Nowadays we are living in a kind of generation where nearly every individual uses social media. They are greatly influenced by these social media platforms. The most common among these is YouTube. By showing the importance of girl’s education on YouTube in the form of ads can bring a dramatic change in the people’s point of view towards the girl’s education. Millions of people watch YouTube everyday. If they come across these ads, it can change their mindsets.
                                        From the above discussion, we conclude that girl’s education is equally important as that of boy’s. If we consider a country to be a motorcycle, then we can truly relate that a motorcycle cannot proceed further without its two wheels. In a quiet similar way, a country cannot move further without its two wheels, men and women.

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Himanshu Mishra
Himanshu Mishra

By Himanshu Mishra

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