How many times have you found yourself sitting alone with yourself and thinking about things that are coming your way? “SELF DOUBT,” they say what’s makes or breaks a man. When we talk about Indian teens, I have observed that we are often concerned about our careers. 

Self-doubt is seen so often among us we don’t realize that sometimes it’s okay not to be clear about what to do. We have to normalize this thing, the continuous mental turmoil we all go through.  

If you ask me about the solution of not doubting yourself and being more confident, I would suggest smiling a little more.

If we all start smiling, more often our problems won’t seem that big.

Secondly, you must surround yourself with positive people and people with aspirations, people who live life to its fullest.

I will be suggesting some books at the end of this article. I individually overcome self-doubt by reading some self-help books, talking to my parents, having some me-time.

Also, do you guys remember the title of this article? The answer is YES. I believe in you and trust me you have way more potential than you can imagine. Now, cheer up and smile, you will be okay.

BOOK SUGGESTION: Attitude is everything, Man’s search for meaning

MOVIE SUGGESTION: The Pursuit of Happiness, Soul(2020)

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Neel Ranjan

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