Mrinal was very fond of his grandfather. He had always been with him. No way…..he could never left him alone. They used to spend most of their time together. But a horrible incident was waiting for Mrinal.

That day, Mrinal’s parents had gone out of district for some critical work. Mrinal and his grandfather were all alone in the house. Usually all throughout the day, Mrinal would be engaged in obeying what his parents asked him to do. But this was a great chance for both of them as they could now have a great time together. It was so strange……Mrinal started feeling sleepy. Consequently he slept. On finding Mrinal sleeping, his grandfather decided to have some rest…..after all he had nothing to do. He went to his room and slept soundly. It was 8 o’clock by the time when Mrinal awakened. He first searched for his grandfather but unfortunately he was not able to do so. Suddenly his eyes noticed something. It was his grandfather who was going somewhere as Mrinal could see outside from his window. He never had the courage to left him alone. Consequently he started chasing him. He even shouted,

“Grandpa, hey grandpa! Where are you going?”

But there was no answer. He continued chasing him for about an hour. Mrinal noticed something. He along with his grandfather were in an isolated path absent of people. It was quite nighttime by then. In any way he wanted to convince his grandfather to go back home with him. But his grandfather was not at all responding to him. The next moment Mrinal could not beleive where he was . He looked around and found himself standing on a burial ground (kabristan). He started trumbling with fear. But no signs of fear could be seen in his grandfather. Mrinal had no option other than chasing his grandfather. Suddenly a layer of smoke covered his eyes and his grandfather vanished from his eyes. He searched him everywhere but he could not find him. Tears started comming out of his eyes. He disappointedly came back home crying. As he reached he heard a voice.

“So at last you have came! Where have you been throughout the day? I have never expected this from you. You have leaved your grandfather alone in the house!”

“Alone in the house?” He was very shocked. 

“Grandpa, how can you be here?”

“But I’m here throughout the day, my child.” answered his grandfather. He was rather afraid than confused. If his grandfather was there then who was that whom he was chasing?

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Himanshu Mishra
Himanshu Mishra

By Himanshu Mishra

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