Have you ever tried to find out that do supernatural powers really exist, something which we call ghost? If not,then I would like to tell you one such incident that took place with me.  

It was a winter evening,when I decided to leave my uncle’s residence. I made my way towards my home through a deserted path. It was quite nighttime by then. Actually the path I was walking on had no lights in it leaving me little scared. As I proceeded, I heard something strange………as if someone was weeping in pain. Shaking with fear, I turned my head backward to find a girl sitting on the branch of a tree facing opposite to me. I really wanted to get away but I had convinced myself to help someone who is weeping in pain in a chilled winter night. I approached to ask her the reason of her pain. With a very deep voice, she explained,”On one fine day I was walking on this street alone. No one was there with me. Then I saw this tree and I climbed on it. Unfortunately I slipped and my backbone was broken. I continuously weeped in pain but nobody came to help me. At last seeking for help, I died in pain. And since then I am continuously weeping in pain. “

I was shocked hearing all this. As she was about to show me her face,someone called me from behind. It was my brother who reached the spot searching for me. When I asked him to have a look on the little girl, I was shocked to find that nothing was there…..neither girl nor tree. When I asked a villager living nearby, I was shocked to find that I was not the only person who had experienced such an incident.  Before me, there were many people who did experienced the same. They also saw the girl and the tree but suddenly they got vanished.  How was it possible………?????

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Himanshu Mishra
Himanshu Mishra

By Himanshu Mishra

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